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Kayak boat cover

Kayak boat cover

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Material: 210D Oxford cloth
Regular size: suitable for kayaks of 2.6-5 meters
Style: European and American
Printing: Camouflage

1. Protect the kayak: The product is made of Oxford fiber, which can resist UV, water and dust, and the UV penetration rate reaches 99.9%. The back yard or beach of the kayak can be well protected.
2. Easy to use: You can attach the product to the kayak without additional tools
3. Extend the life of the kayak: good protection can reduce the damage to the kayak and effectively extend the life of the kayak
4. Deal with the special period: During the special period of the outbreak, kayaks should also be protected. Exposing to the sun in the yard all day, being blown away by sand or washed away by rain can easily lead to molecular aging, which not only shortens the life of the kayak, but more importantly. , May not be sure to use it next time. 

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Kayak boat cover

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