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3000W Underwater Fish Catching Light IP68 High Mast LED Flood Light for Sea Fishing

3000W Underwater Fish Catching Light IP68 High Mast LED Flood Light for Sea Fishing

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Product Name 
LED Underwater Fishing Light
Brand Name
NS (LOGO can be customize)
Model Number
3000W (30W 60W 100W 100W 200W 200W 200W 300W 300W 300W 500W 1000W 2000W 3000W optional)
Input Voltage
Support AC110, AC220V
Power Factor 
110V : 0.95;220V : 0.9
LED Color
Green ( Suitable for both Fresh and Saltwater) 
Product Size
Product Weight
30M (can be customized)
Waterproof Rage
Up to 100 meters
50,000 Hours 
1pcs/CTN, GW:21kg, L750*W24*H29cm
The fishing light can only be used underwater, cannot be lit in the air.
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Product Application
Most Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do underwater fishing light actually work?
A. It is well known that many species of fresh and saltwater fish mainly feed at night, but it is often difficult to catch them. Underwater fishing lights solve this problem by bringing the fish right to you. After a short amount of time in the water, the light causes a chain reaction. The light initially attracts masses of microscopic marine algae called phytoplankton that cloud the water.  These small organisms attract common bait fish to the light and after 15-30 minutes they will appear to be memorized by the light and continuously swim circles around it. These baitfish are all you need to make for the best night fishing experience you have ever had. Predator fish will begin to crowd the light and take advantage of the easy meal!  Soon after the phytoplankton and baitfish show up the predator fish will too. Fishing the outer edges of the light will produce more bites than directly in the light. That's where the bigger fish will be circling and occasionally dart into the light for an easy meal.  Matching the bait size and color that is swimming around the light will result in significantly more strikes.  If you prefer using live bait, just net a few swimming around the light and "match the hatch" perfectly!
Q. What type of battery do I need to operate the light?
A. Any commonly found AC110V or AC220V outlet will power the light. The light's draw is minimal compared to other lights but we do push 3000 watts making it one of the most powerful lights available! 
Q. How long is the cord and how deep is the light rated?
A. The heavy-duty marine-grade cord is 30 Meter (98.4 ft) long but the light has been pressure tested to 30 Meter (328 ft) . It also carries an IP68 waterproof rating. You won't find a deeper rated fishing light.
Q. Will it work in dirty water?
A. Our LED fishing lights have some of the industry's highest luminous efficiency ratings.  The LED technology is advancing very quickly making more efficient and brighter lights with much less energy. Actual lumens vary with the color of the LED, supplied current, and other factors.  This light is bright enough to penetrate cloudy waters but using it in extremely muddy waters is not recommended. We also have a much smaller model for option.
Q. What type of fish can I expect to attract?
A. SALTWATER APPROVED! Many saltwater species are attracted to underwater lights such as snook, redfish, seatrout, rockfish, snapper, tuna, shrimp, squid, and a huge variety of bait fish!  FRESHWATER APPROVED! Many freshwater species are attracted to underwater lights such as a variety of bass, crappie, trout, catfish, perch, and a variety of freshwater baitfish!
Q. Does it float or sink?
A. The light 3000W is self-weighted 21KG and will sink in calm waters.  For small watt If used in a strong current/tide area we recommend adding a lead weight to the bottom hook to keep the light from moving too much. This will allow the more "finicky" species of fish to feel comfortable in the light. We also recommend using a separate lowering line attached to the top hook to prolong the life of the power cord.  

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3000W Underwater Fish Catching Light IP68 High Mast LED Flood Light for Sea Fishing

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