Engineering Center (R & D)

We at Voltec Marine are passionate to solve problems and innovate constantly for best customer experience. We constantly innovating products that delivers highest performance to meets or exceeds OEM specification. Owners & management of Voltec Marine are proud members of engineering society themselves with years of experience working with OEM manufacturers.
We work with broad range of manufacturers who use cutting edge technologies and manufactures our goods for reliability and exclusively according to our requirements.
We have established proven Production Development Process that allow us to offer best in quality products for both OEM & Aftermarket level without compromising on overall efficiency. 
Our engineers use the latest software technologies to model, validate and fine-tune designs early in the cycle, when changes are easier and less costly to make. We use state of the art 3D modeling software, Finite Element Analysis Software and work with affiliated labs to anticipate problems early in the product development stage instead of discover them in the field. Rapid prototyping of a form-fit-and-function product sample is also done to ensure perfect and hassle free fitment as a direct replacement of OEM part.